Hawkins Associates Ltd.

The “Professionals” in Human Resources Consultancy

Hawkins Associates Ltd.,part of the K.H.I. Group,responds to clients’ needs in the area of Human Resources Management by providing the following consultancy services:-

  • Executive Recruitment Job Analysis / Evaluation
  • Manpower Planning
  • Management Succession Planning
  • Organisational Development Redundancy Planning
  • Salary Administration (surveys)
  • Staff Opinion Surveys

Longest Established

Executive Selection is not a precise science in any part of the world. At Hawkins Associates Ltd.,the combined experience of our directors and consultants in this area in Africa is quite unique. This has allowed us to build up an extensive body of information and knowledge of all aspects of the skills market in Africa. We have earned a leadership position in this field and a track record in achieving results. While many consultancy firms over the years have dabbled in this service – at Hawkins Associates Ltd we have always remained the professionals in this field.

A Consultancy Team Approach

At Hawkins Associates Ltd.,we have not only developed the information and administrative systems necessary for such a service but we have also perfected our own consultancy team approach in solving our clients’ requirements. Over the years,our consultancy team has been involved in the appointment of many thousands of executives to management positions.

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Know How International Limited


At K.H.I. we see our role as being impartial external facilitators in the transfer of relevant information,knowledge and technical know-how to our client’s organisation. We see ourselves complementing,rather than ever replacing their own internal resources. Therefore,we always aim to integrate our activities with those of our clients in a sensitive,confidential and cost-effective manner.



Know How International Training Ltd.

The “Professionals” in Training and Development Consultancy

K.H.I. Training Ltd.,responds to clients’ needs in the area of improving results,increasing productivity,raising standards or solving problems within their organisation by means of providing Open Training Programmes or In-House Training Consultancy.

Open Training Programmes

K.H.I. Training Ltd. draws on the in-depth knowledge of all its consultants in the area of Human Resources Management in identifying training needs and in designing a range of training programmes appropriate to the needs of this market. These Open Training Programmes are structured and presented to accommodate the needs of different levels of management.

In-House Training Consultancy

In providing an In-House solution,we analyse the training needs of our clients and then recommend appropriate action such as
- the design and presentation of the most effective training programmes
- the design of structures and systems
- the provision of counselling or work experience.

Core trainers & International Faculty

In providing these training and development services,K.H.I. draws mainly on the resources of our own core team of trainers. However,we can also draw on K.H.I.’s International Faculty of Trainers,a panel f highly experience professional trainers with international experience,who share KHI’s empathy and commitment to management training and development in Africa.